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What is a Webmason?  It is any member of the Masonic Family who takes advantage of the Internet to learn more about, share information about, or educate others about the Masonic Fraternity.  While the original purpose of the Operative Webmasons Guild (OWMG) was to assist Masonic Webmasters in making better and more serviceable presentations, it more serves the Fraternity to assist the members of the global Masonic Family in how to better use the Internet as a tool of Masonic Education.

With that said, the OWMG is open to those members of the Masonic Family who operate Masonic Websites, Masonic Message Boards, Web Portals, Chat Rooms and Email Lists.

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WANTED - Active Volunteer Staff Members!

There are many facets to operating this guild, and the organization is starting to change to keep up with the many new medias available to the Internet.  There are Masonic Email Lists, Web Boards, and Web Portals of which can serve the Masonic Community.  The OWMG needs people who are experienced in these media types who can assist others in taking advantage of these means of communicating.  The OWMG also needs people who are experienced in researching the Internet for Information, or who are knowledgeable in the Masonic Fraternity who may be willing to share their knowledge via online lectures or contributing their knowledge to a Masonic Library.

The real need at this point is for members to step up and take Staff (i.e. leadership) roles. There are openings at all levels for those who are willing to work, so contact us! We will assess your areas of interest, appoint tasks and consider any suggestions for improvement.

If you would like to be a part of the future of the OWMG and promote Masonic Education and Communications on the Internet, then please contact the Staff Director.


More Recent Changes in the OWMG
and our Website

Over the past five years, we as a Guild have lost some important and irreplaceable Staff members and much of the information on our Website. Our WebRing has been disabled, and due to an unrelated problem, we appear to have lost many names and other information concerning our members, particularly those joining after July 2, 2004.

Next we have had a very trying relationship with Mastermason.com and Mocha that has ended with the OWMG changing to directNIC! But this has caused us to loose some member information on those two hosts.

The Guild will be restoring its membership records by using the Yahoo! Groups website apparatus. If you are already a member of the Guild, please re-register [again!] with our group by clicking on the "Yahoo! Groups" button at the bottom of the page.

We will attempt to contact current members, but our information and resources are severely limited. At some point, the list at Yahoo! Groups will become the only official list of members. This will give us an easily maintainable membership list and allow us to quickly communicate with each other.

Our Website will also undergo some changes. We have moved to a new URL on a new server that gives us more access and, we believe, greater reliability. Our design has changed somewhat, but our mission remains the same: to assist the members of the global Masonic Family in how to better use the Internet as a tool of Masonic Education.

We have begun a new web ring on Ringsurf. Frankly it is just a better deal than WebRing, and our ring on Webring has been taken over by the IGMW. We will still require membership in the OWMG to participate in the new ring, and that will still require membership in the Yahoo! Group first. However, we are another step closer to reconstructing the Operative Webmasons Guild!

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